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Hope Program – Health Visits Program for the Elderly

The home environment is the setting of choice for most Americans needing long-term care. HOPE Program (Home Visit Program for Elderly) is dedicated to our patients and communities requiring medical care at home. To successfully meet the unique needs of our homebound patients, our network of home health care providers such as geriatric nurse practitioners, laboratory/radiological personnel, eldercare coordinators, social worker, etc. has personalized their services to provide accessible care.

Under the direction of Dr. Rekha Bhandari M.D. Board Certified Internist, Geriatrician & Palliative Medicine, the HOPE Program has achieved positive results in various aspects of healthcare namely improved physical health, behavioral health, access to community-based social services and management of chronic conditions. 

To provide comprehensive healthcare for fully or partially homebound patients who are unable to access required health care in a timely fashion at the convenience of their home.  

Medical Services

  • Monthly health maintenance visits (MD/NP visits) 

  • Vaccination administration

  • Physical Therapy/ Occupational Therapy 

  • Care Transition/ Medication Management 

  • Laboratory services 

  • Radiological services 

  • Podiatry care

  • Wound care management

  • Social service visits 

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